Every patient matters at Forestwood Dentistry in Richmond Hill, Ontario and your perfect smile is a testament to a job well done by us. We go beyond giving you outstanding care with all of the state of the art technologies including (Digital x-rays, Dental vibe with minimal pain injection, panoramic x-rays, computerized one appointment in office crowns and other dentistry services). It is our job to make sure a trip to the dentist is something you look forward to with good reason.

Forestwood Dentistry starts by supplying a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for you. Your oral health is our number one priority and our well trained, friendly and courteous staff is always available to make sure all of your dental health care questions are answered.

Forestwood Dentistry in Richmond Hill is about providing all of our patients with the best in dental education, care and advice.
Our professional services range from the latest
cosmetic procedures to the most effective and proven restorative techniques. Regardless of whether you are looking at root canal treatment, a session with our dental hygienist or any of our other services, our job is to give you that perfect smile you have been looking for. Why not get in touch with us today? You will be happy you did.