Forest Wood Dentistry supplies Richmond Hill Bruxism and Night Guards Too


We would like to emphasis on the importance of grinding issue and its destructive effect on your teeth. Please remember that majority of grinders are not aware of their grinding and they can destroy their teeth or more often they can break their fillings repetitively. Grinding can often make your front teeth shorter and cosmetically affects your smile. Grinding can affect your jaw joints Or TMJ as well.

Teeth grinding is a common issue with many people but not everyone knows the technical name is bruxism. Many people are aware when they grind their teeth during the daylight hours, but the damage can be even more severe to the enamel at night. Nighttime grinding can also be responsible for jaw soreness.

Forest Wood Dentistry has the solution to this annoying issue that can even keep your spouse awake. Remember that some grinders grind their teeth silently. In order to address the issue our most effective way of protecting your teeth is to fabricate a custom made night guard for you. Basically it is a piece of plastic that goes in-between your teeth and if you grind it will protect your teeth.

Here’s a few handy tips you can put into place while you’re waiting for your night guard from Forest Wood Dentistry. Staying away from alcohol and caffeine helps you to avoid grinding your teeth. Chewing gum is a bad practice for people who suffer from this issue and biting on pens is another thing you’ll want to stay away from. To get more information on bruxism and nightguards, contact our Richmond Hill dental clinic today at 905-770-0099.