When it comes to Richmond Hill cosmetic dentistry, we’ve taken the time to put together a full complement of the different services you need.

Cosmetic dentistry has a wide range of different procedures that improves the appearance of your smile and your teeth. It could be a subtle change of a tooth shape or full reconstruction of smile by crown or veneers. Once it comes to cosmetic dentistry we provide different options including porcelain crown and veneers or resin bondings and white fillings or even bleaching of your teeth.

Our bonding and white filling procedure are excellent and conservative way to replace amalgam (silver) fillings or to close the gap in between the teeth or align minor crowding of front teeth.

We want you to be happy with your smile.  At Forestwood Dental we strive to make that dream happen with our cutting edge methods and state of the art materials. We consider ourselves artists and enjoy making you walk out feeling content and confident. Our Cosmetic services vary in several ways:

  1. Richmond Hill Bleaching & Teeth Whitening
    Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is a process that makes the color of teeth whiter by application of bleaching materials to the tooth surface.There are two different types of bleaching:

    1. In office bleaching
    2. Take home kit

    Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. In office bleaching is done in 1 hour, resulting in a significant change in shade upon completion of the in-office whitening. In this case we apply high concentrated bleaching material onto your teeth in a controlled environment. Our teeth whitening procedure has an excellent twist in that we craft custom whitening trays that can be used over and over. The whitening gel that gets applied is often responsible for dramatic results.

    With the take home kit, we take an impression of your teeth and in the lab we fabricate the bleaching trays. We then give you a kit that contains bleaching material applicators as well as the custom fabricated bleaching trays. We will demonstrate to you how to apply the bleaching material to your teeth on your own. After a few days you will begin to see whiter results. Based on the type of bleaching material we choose for you, the bleaching material in combination with your bleaching trays will stay in your mouth from ½ hour per day to several hours per day until the desired whiteness is reached. This technique is less expensive and usually works better.

  2. Bonding and White Filling
    Resin or composite material is a synthetic material that could be bonded to your teeth with special adhesive .Since its color is white and it comes in different shades and it is biocompatible they are an excellent choice for cosmetic improvement of your teeth in terms of their shade of shape or alignment. They are less expensive and are quick to do .The main problems with composite fillings are:

    1. they are not as strong as porcelain fillings.
    2. in the long run they become yellow and they need touchup.

    The bonding process we use is vastly superior to amalgam fillings in terms of cosmetic appearance. It also incorporates and being conservative. It also incorporates a composite resin material and adhesive agent. Forestwood Dentistry is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction in all of our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Patients who enjoy many common foods as well as beverages like coffee often complain about the effects on the whiteness of their teeth and we have another great solution for that problem too.

    For more information on teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in Richmond Hill call 905-770-0099.