What You Need To Know About Dental Extractions At Forest Wood Dentistry


The extraction of wisdom teeth or other teeth is a common procedure for our Richmond Hill dental team. An impacted wisdom tooth is all about one that comes in at an awkward angle to create a variety of different problems we can solve for you.

For example, an operculum is a flap of tissue that grows over the tooth to become a dental situation that needs our expert touch. If scraps of food get trapped underneath this flap of skin, situations can develop a situation that is painful and unpleasant.

Impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed by our Richmond Hill dentists. All four teeth can be removed at once or just the most infected one, and the patient and doctor can confer upon the use of either local freezing or local anesthetic with nitrous oxide .

During the procedure, the gum tissues are cut away so the dentist can either remove the tooth whole or cut it into smaller pieces for easier extraction. Sutures might need to be used after the procedure and the dissolving kind are the preferred choice.

Your Richmond Hill dentist will prescribe the proper pain medication while you heal. For more information on dental extractions in Richmond Hill please call us at 905-770-0099.