Our Markham/Richmond Hill Dental Implants That Look Good and Feel Great.


Sometimes even the best efforts at keeping your natural teeth in pristine shape fail for a variety of different reasons. When that happens, our Markham/Richmond Hill dental implants are often the right course of action to save the tooth with a new foundation.

Our dental implants take the place of the natural root and act like an anchor. These are secured right to the jawbone by our Richmond Hill dental team. These dental implants are the closest replica of your natural teeth.

Dr. Safari has placed many implants during last few years and it is one of his main focuses at Forestwood Dental office. In addition to implant surgery he has training in bone graft and gum surgeries. These two last procedures are an integral part of implant surgery. By providing these services at our office for the majority of cases, we do not need to refer patients out to specialists.

If you lose a tooth there are 3 ways to replace it.

  • Denture
  • Fixed bridge
  • Dental Implant

Using a denture alone is not an ideal option because it exerts biting forces to the gum instead of the bone so it is not usually comfortable and secure. The denture also comes off easily and is mobile. Food can also get underneath, causing bad breath and discomfort. Lastly, since a denture covers the palate and some of our taste buds are in the palate, you do not taste the food as well and fully.

If you lose a tooth we can shave the adjacent teeth and cover them with a 3-4 units fixed bridge that covers adjacent teeth to the missing tooth, replacing the missing tooth in the middle. Although a fixed bridge has its own advantages including a nice cosmetic appearance and a quick result, it is not always the best solution. In order to create the bridge to fit over your teeth, it is required to shave down two intact teeth adjacent to the space which can make these healthy teeth susceptible to cavities and pain. In addition, cleaning under a bridge can be difficult as well. If the teeth under the bridge develop cavities, this will cause the necessity for a new bridge replacement a few years down the road again so it will end up costing more than an implant in the long run.

If you lose your tooth and would like to replace it with something close to your teeth dental implants in Richmond Hill/Markham are the answer. By replacing the missing tooth with an implant, the load is transferred to the bone directly so you can chew hard foods. Also, it stimulates the jaw bone and would prevent it from resorption. Implants could be used to place a single crown on them or use them to anchor a bridge or support a denture. In order to find out if you are a candidate for implants you must be seen by your dentist for a proper examination. To speak to a dentist about dental implants in Richmond Hill/Markham call us at 905-770-0099.