We strive to bring our valued patients the most modern and up to date innovations and that’s why Forest Wood Dentistry has chosen Invisalign for our clients looking for the benefit of straightened teeth without traditional braces.

These are the comfortable, barely visible method using plastic aligners that are perfectly positioned with the benefit of computerized technology. Crowding and spacing issues are successfully treated with this modern marvel.

The advantage of invisalign system is the comfort since it is smooth and does not scratch your lips and cheeks also it is easy to have an optimal oral hygiene since it is removable but one of the main advantages of invisalign is the appearance of it. Since it is made out of clear plastic material it is hard to detect it and patients love it. Another advantage of invisalign is to be able to see the final results before even starting the treatment. During invisalign procedure we take the impression of your teeth and send it to their laboratory then the physical impressions are transformed into virtual digital format and from there based on the doctor’s instruction, technician would move teeth into their final position on the computer then a 30 seconds digital video of treatment from start to finish is sent to the doctor and this video is shown to the patient and doctor and patient would be able to express their comments so at this point they can modify the treatment and patient can commit to the treatment or not and also they will see the estimated treatment time.so it is possible to see the results before start of the treatment. Then if patient decided to go with the treatment we will ask the invisalign company to fabricate the aligners (trays) so they will fabricate a series of aligners that each one of them would move your teeth little by little. These aligners are changed every 2 weeks so for each month you get two sets of aligners. Depending of the situation your dentist might give you few sets and you can change them at home and then you go to your dentist to get new sets. Usually by taking one impression ,all of aligners are fabricated but sometimes you may need one more impression to finalize the treatment.

Taking just a few minutes to talk with us will inspire your confidence in the Invisalign system from our Richmond Hill dentists.  Call or email us today so we can get started.