Night guard instructions

Use: A night guard is designed to protect your teeth from wear that results when you clench and grind your teeth excessively. It protects the jaw joint from being overloaded and in some people it can also help relieve the muscle tenderness that is commonly associated with clenching and grinding. Use your Night Guard every night to help protect teeth from wear, grinding and fractures.

-Brush and floss well before using.

- Place under warm running tap water for about 15 seconds to soften material slightly and to make insertion easier.Place on teeth and bite down slowly. Teeth should contact evenly on both the right and left sides.

- Your Night Guard should fit snugly on teeth but not too tight. Initially you may find it difficult to insert or to remove, as it is such a close fitting appliance. Pull down evenly from both sides to remove (usually some resistance).

-Clean gently with a toothbrush and some water or mouthwash when you remove the appliance in the morning. Clean the night guard before you insert at night and when you remove it in the morning. Use a soft toothbrush with cold soapy water. Do not rinse with warm/hot water as it will distort. Store the night guard in a dry case during the day. If you notice a white build up beginning to form, soak the night guard in 25:75 dilution of white vinegar to water during the day and brush


-It is common for 1st time nightguard wearers to experience increased salivation for about a week. This will go away.

-Do not use toothpaste to clean guard as the abrasives in the toothpaste will scuff sheen of appliance and make it more susceptible to staining and tartar buildup

- Bring guard with you to dentist appointments so that we may evaluate fit and clean it for you.

When you first receive your night guard it may feel a little tight and you might find you wake up with sensitive teeth. For the most effective results, wear the night guard every night. The tight feeling will ease with time.

If you forget to wear it, the tightness will return. Initially, the night guard may disturb your sleep, or you may find it outside of the mouth in the morning. As you get used to it you will be able to sleep comfortably.

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