Let Us Keep You Safe With Richmond Hill Oral Cancer Screening


Oral cancer screening is all about finding a problem before it develops into a life-threatening issue. Our Richmond Hill dentists are well-trained in looking for the symptoms of this type of cancer which can include dark red or white patches in and around your mouth as well as difficulty swallowing and a loss of sensation or taste.

Forest Wood Dentistry is committed to making sure you have the best oral health and a healthy smile that lasts for a lifetime and this includes oral cancer screening. It is important to keep in mind that drinking and smoking are two of the activities that make you a high risk factor for this type of cancer.

Eating a healthy diet is another way you can prevent this kind of disease from developing and you should always wear protective lip balm when you are outside to protect yourself from the sun’s more dangerous rays.

Keep in mind, we are always here to help and you should check your mouth regularly for any signs or symptoms. Getting to your Richmond Hill Dentist quickly when you find something unusual is a preemptive step that can save your life. To learn more about oral cancer screening in Richmond Hill call us at 905-770-0099.