Our Richmond Hill Orthodontic Services Cover All The Bases


In Latin orthodontic means alignment of teeth. It could be done with traditional wire and brackets or with invisalign system.
In general there are two different way of straightening your teeth.
1-conventional wire and brackets and removable appliances.

wire and brackets


Our Richmond Hill Orthodontic services which has its own advantages and disadvantages. With traditional wire option we have more control over movement of teeth and is good for severe cases and growing patients. Traditional braces that are very durable since they are made from the strongest metals. The main complaint that patients have with this system is lack of cosmetic appearance, scratch of inner cheeks and lips, difficulty of maintaining oral hygiene and discomfort after each adjustment is done.

We also have clear and translucent ceramic braces that work wonders for many of our patients. These are designed and engineered not to discolor and they are a definite improvement over more traditional metallic braces. Remember our Richmond Hill Orthodontic Services also offer more traditional braces that are very durable since they are made from the strongest metals.


We strive to bring our valued patients the most modern and up to date innovations and that’s why Forest Wood Dentistry has chosen Invisalign for our clients looking for the benefit of straightened teeth without traditional braces.

These are the comfortable, barely visible method using plastic aligners that are perfectly positioned with the benefit of computerized technology. Crowding and spacing issues are successfully treated with this modern marvel.

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