Post Operatory Bone Graft instructions and after-care


  • Place an ice pack on the side of your face where the surgery was performed to help reduce swelling (20 minutes on/20 minutes off).
  • Take the prescribed pain medication and or antibiotics if applicable
  • Do not apply pressure with your tongue/fingers to the grafted area and avoid chewing on the grafted sites. The stability of the graft is critical during the healing period and any pressure can affect its viability.
  • Do not lift or pull your lip to look at the sutures; this can actually cause damage to the wound site and tear the sutures.
  • No rinsing of any kind should be performed until the day after surgery. You can brush your teeth the night of surgery with a small amount of toothpaste or warm salt water but rinse gently.
  • Begin rinsing, the day after surgery, at least 5 to 6 times a day with a cup of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of salt. Avoid using any commercial mouth rinses as alcohol contained within them slows the healing process.
  • Do not be alarmed by the presence of bone granules for the first several days. Your bone graft is made up of many particles. The grafted site is overpacked to allow for the loss and resorption of a small amount of these particles.

Please follow these instructions as closely as possible. They are designed to help you heal quickly and comfortably.

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