Post crown/ bridge


During the crown or bridge procedure, your teeth being crowned or bridged are shaved down to accommodate a permanent crown or bridge. Your gum is also carefully manipulated so that the impression taken is as accurate as possible for the most exact fabrication of the crown or bridge. As a result, your gum and tooth may feel inflamed or sore. You can dab the area at home with a q-tip and hydrogen peroxide before you brush to keep the area clean and relieve any inflammation. In addition, you can take tylenol, but Advil is best.

While you are waiting for the permanent crown or bridge, you will have temporary teeth which are inserted around your teeth with temporary cement. The temporaries can come loose or fall out. Flossing can also cause this to happen. If you must floss in the area, do not pull up, but pull floss through. In some cases, they can easily be swallowed without realizing. If you can bite your temporary crown back into place, please do so to prevent teeth from shifting. Call our office to arrange for a recement asap. If your permanent crown is ready, we can try and arrange for you to come in sooner for the final cement.

Sensitivity can occur while your temporary crown or bridge is in place since it is not permanent and does not cover your teeth like the permanent crown or bridge will. Shades, materials, cement as well as tooth coverage is entirely different with the permanent crowns & bridge.

Once you receive the permanent crowns or bridges, you may have some gum irritation on the first day and in rare cases, the bite may feel off. You may need to take some Advil since your gum may feel sore. if they are taken care of properly they can last indefinitely; therefore it’s important to brush and floss daily to ensure optimal condition.

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Please call either of our offices if you feel like your dental health is questionable or if you have any concerns or questions after your procedure. If your temporary crown or bridge falls out while you are waiting for your permanent crowns/bridge, do not panic as this can happen. Please call us to get you in.

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