Post endo (root canal)


  • Since you are numb because of the anesthetic given for the root canal treatment, you will not have much feeling in the affected area. Do not eat or chew anything until the numbness has worn off as you may easily bite your cheek or chew on your tooth that has just been worked on without noticing it. You may also not have a temperature gauge and burn yourself by drinking something too hot.
  • To close the root canaled tooth, a temporary filling is placed and the tooth is adjusted so that you do not bite down heavily on the root canaled tooth. The tooth is fragile after a root canal since the nerves and blood vessels are removed, stripping some of the foundation of the tooth. You will need a permanent filling on the tooth within 1-3 weeks of the completion of the root canal. You may also be told that you need a crown on the tooth to prevent the tooth from fracture.
  • You may experience some discomfort in the tooth that has been treated. There is inflammation in the socker surrounding the tooth similar to a bruise. This may last anywhere from 7-10 days. This is not an unusual post- operative event.
  • Please continue with any antibiotics or other medications that have been prescribed by your Dentist.
  • Advil is the best painkiller for facial pain if you can take it. Otherwise, take Tylenol. Please avoid biting on the treated side until the tooth is filled and crowned and avoid biting hard on the tooth if not yet crowned. Placing a crown on the root canal treated tooth increases tooth longevity in the mouth and would serve you longer. If you have been recommended to place a crown on your tooth, be advised that not doing so in a timely manner can result in breakage or a vertical fracture, leading to loss of the tooth.

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