Post filling


After getting fillings your lips and tongue may feel numb for a few hours after your appointment due to the dental freezing if applicable. Please avoid hot beverages and chewing until after the numbness has subsided. You may eat food as soon as the anesthetic wears off. Eating or chewing while still numb can cause you to rip up your cheek or gum because you do not feel it.

Your tooth may be sensitive if the filling was quite deep, and you may need to give it time to heal on its own. If the tooth continues to hurt after a few days, a root canal may be required.

After your appointment it is normal to experience temperature and pressure sensitivity. If a filling is too high it may cause pain upon taking a bite. You may need a filling adjustment so please contact our dental office to book an appointment. The need for a filling adjustment is quite normal as sometimes even when the bite is adjusted by the dentist at the end of your filling appointment, you may not feel if it is high or cannot tell until once you leave the office. Most of the time, your teeth will adjust but if it feels high or off it will need to be looked at for a further adjustment or further examination.

Once in a while a tooth may fracture when getting a filling but this can be corrected with a new filling or crown

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Please call either of our offices if you feel like your dental health is questionable or if you have any concerns or questions after your procedure.