Richmond Hill Bone Grafting from A to Z

Keeping our patients well informed with all the information they need about Richmond Hill Bone Grafting is important to us. Sometimes, people approach us who have lost an original tooth due to some kind of gum disease. A dental implant is a long-lasting solution we like to suggest.

The whole dental implant process might include Richmond Hill bone grafting. A dental implant needs to have an anchor and we use a titanium screw. These fit into your jawbone but we might need to shore up that part of your jaw to make the base more solid.

Patients come to us asking about this part of the process. It may sound complicated and mysterious, but we are always more than happy to explain it in simple language. Sometimes, we can remove some bone from another part of your jaw and transplanted to where it needs to go.

Other sources include donated bone from a cadaver or an animal. Together, we can decide which technique works best. It usually takes several months for the bone that’s been transplanted to grow enough so we can put in the dental implant

Patient Care After Richmond Hill Bone Grafting

Making sure that you understand postoperative care is important. There is no need to suffer through complications like infections and severe swelling if you follow these instructions. We will place some gauze over the surgical site after the operation is over. Try to keep it in place for up to 30 minutes afterwards. Any bleeding should subside by that time.

Try to avoid the surgical site. You might be tempted to touch the wound or use some kind of mouthwash, but this can irritate the area. Ideally, the Richmond Hill bone grafting process we use will cause your blood to clot. It’s important for the clock to stay in place to promote the healing process.

Few Symptoms

There are a few symptoms that you might feel afterward that are nothing to worry about. Our patients report numbness on their tongue, chin or even lips after the surgery. This should go away after a short time but if it doesn’t you should contact our office to be on the safe side.

Keep in mind swelling around the sides of the face and eyes is common. It’s a normal reaction your body has to surgery. Make sure to take the correct dosage of any pain medication we prescribe after Richmond Hill Bone Grafting.