Here’s What Our Root Canal Treatment Is All About


Of course it’s important to have any decaying tissue removed from your tooth and that’s basically what our Richmond Hill root canal treatment is all about. If a decay isn’t dealt with properly, it could get into the nerve tissue of the tooth and create an abscess. This could be very painful and unpleasant experience that you will never forget it.

Our Richmond Hill dental staff are experts at dealing with these infections and implementing the root canal treatments that usually take one or two visits. With a series of regular dental checkups and oral hygiene regimes, the restored tooth should last a very long time after your Richmond Hill root canal treatments are finished.

In most cases, this procedure is a complete success. However, there are some instances where a second set of treatments is required and our Richmond Hill dental professionals are more than happy to look after this situation until our client is 100% satisfied with the results.

It’s also important to keep in mind that in the majority of cases, patients may also require a crown on teeth that receive root canal treatment because they become more fragile. If you need to know more about our Richmond Hill root canal treatment techniques, why not get in touch with us today so we can fill you in on all the details?