What is Richmond Hill Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF)?

Modern dentistry is always looking for innovations like Richmond Hill Plasma Rich Growth Factor. This is being used in many dental fields since it can foster bone healing and tissue regeneration. This process uses the patient’s own blood and it separates the plasma in the blood cells.

There’s a centrifuge involved and of course us we can walk you through the details. This technique has been used for arthritis and tendon sprains. Recently, Plasma Rich Growth Factor has been used in many procedures with dental surgeons. Some excellent results have been noticed with aging people.

Richmond Hill Plasma Rich Growth Factor Treatments Applications

There have been other areas where dentists have found success. These include tooth extractions and gum disease treatments. This technique promotes both bone generation and soft tissue healing. Forestwood Dentistry is always on the lookout for the latest innovations in the field. We have experienced dentists and friendly staff.

It stands to reason that we would use this type of advanced technology for our patients. For us, your perfect smile is the reason we keep developing new skills. We have a variety of the latest innovations including computerized one appointment in office crowns and digital x-rays.

There are some advantages to plasma Rich growth factor treatments that include:

· Quicker Healing. This process results in quicker tissue regeneration. That means you’ll heal up faster from any kind of periodontal gum surgery or dental implant work.

· A Lower Rate of Infection. Because the plasma is applied right after surgery, it forms a coating and lowers the risk of infection.

· Plasma Rich Growth Factor is Safe. There is no need to worry about disease since the blood used comes from your body. We don’t need a large amount either. In fact, we can usually draw the amount to be used during some other regular procedure.

If you think this treatment might be for you, come in and have a consultation with us. Remember, we have over 20 years of experience in a variety of different fields including implant surgery, family dentistry and orthodontics.

The updated technology we use include digital x-rays with reduced radiation. Getting an appointment with our facility is as easy as filling out the convenient online form. Richmond Hill Plasma Rich Growth Factor treatments are the latest in cutting-edge dentistry. We would love to have the opportunity to explain it to you in great detail.