Forestwood Dentistry, Richmond Hill/Markham: Family Dentistry For That Perfect Smile

Every patient matters at Forestwood Dentistry in Richmond Hill, Ontario and your perfect smile is a testament to a job well done by us. The dental clinic is on the border of towns of Markham and Richmond Hill. We go beyond giving you outstanding care with all of the state of the art technologies including (Digital x-rays, Dental vibe with minimal pain injection, panoramic x-rays, computerized one appointment in office crowns and other dentistry services). It is our job to make sure a trip to the dentist is something you look forward to with good reason. Read more



Over 20 Years of Experiences

Our friendly staff focuses on all aspects of dentistry including Implant surgery, Cosmetic, Orthodontic, and Family Dentistry for all ages.

Forestwood Dentistry Google Map

Convenient location

Storefront office with free parking, located in the same Leslie centre plaza as FreshCo as well as a Tim Horton’s store/drive thru.


Cutting Edge Technology

Updated technology with Digital/ Panoramic x-rays with reduced radiation, as well as Dental Vibe with minimal pain injection, and Cerec computerized crowns and much more


Dr. Safari

Prevention is our number one priority in your Oral Health; however, we are well prepared to address all ranges of issues, from simple to complicated cases. – Dr. Safari